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A well-balanced diet forms among the top priorities for all those who want to stay fit and healthy. A diet plan rich in fruit juices is not only healthy but also helps one to stay fit. A detox weight loss program is perhaps probably the most effective weight loss programs which have a variety of benefits associated with it. This diet plan involves a general change in the consumption pattern of the individual who follows the detoxification process. The manifold benefits include weight reduction, better health, more energy, stronger defense mechanisms and digestion.

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Detox diets plans are rich in fruits. Juice fasting is a popular detox diet regime. However the term "juice fast" does not imply that one has to stay without food or water. In this case, the diet plan comprises mainly of fruit juices. Since it is simple to digest fruit drinks, the digestive organs acquire some time to rest and work optimally over time of your time. An individual on a juice fast can have fruit drinks whenever required.

Some of you might wonder if little consumption of solid foods might make an individual weak during juice fasting. Juice fasting perhaps increases the energy level of the person. The entire process of digestion consumes approximately 25% to 30% from the body's entire energy. Since fruit juices are simpler to digest, it leads to less energy being utilized. Consequently, this enhances an individual's state of mind and facilitates creative and productive thinking.

You ought to also think about the amount of a juice fasting program. A person can juice fast four or five days per month or can stick to the regime only once per week. Since juice fasting is recognized as a healing solution, many people continue it for a month or two to get respite from pain, depression, arthritis, autoimmune diseases and other infections as well. For example, orange juice is full of vitamin C and prune juice improves digestion. A juice fasting plan can never be complete without watermelon juice, which is rich in ascorbic acid, A, B6, B1, magnesium and potassium. Its low-calorie count causes it to be an absolute must have.